Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Will The REAL Sybrina Fulton Please Stand up

    For months we have been bombarded with images of God fearing church lady Sybrina Fulton as she has tour the country soliciting donations in memory of the false portrayal of Trayvon Martin.........but there is also a Sybrina Fulton who is being hidden from you in much the same way that the true Trayvon has been hidden from the public

Will The Real Sybrina Fulton Please Stand Up!

Sybrina Fulton aka Ms Candy Partying at an undisclosed drag queen club


  1. Trayvon Marin was suspended fomr school for possession of burglary tool, possession of women's jewelry, npot residue n book bag, and was caught on camera defacing school property with obscene grafitti
    Screen capture this link b4 miami herald attempts to delete it again


  2. They sure put a lot of work into the penis on the cake and not much at all into the details. Just like this case, all about the BIG picture but no care for the details (facts).