Sunday, October 28, 2012

George Zimmeran's "Many Different Stories"

    A common claim you will hear from the uninformed and uneducated Trayvon Mafia is that George Zimmerman has "changed his story" or "told many different versions of his story". The following exchange is taken from the transcripts at the first bond hearing where George is directly questioned if he has ever changed his story. The following COMPLETELY REFUTES the Traybot assertion that there are any significant inconsistencies or changes in George's story.

 Prosecutor: But before you committed this crime on February 26. You were arrested. I’m sorry, not arrested – you were questioned, right, February 26?

Zimmerman: The evening to the 27th.

Prosecutor: Is that correct?

Zimmerman: Yes sir.

Prosecutor: And the following morning, and the following evening too?

Zimmerman: Yes, sir.

Prosecutor: Would it be fair to say you were questioned about four or five times?

Zimmerman: I remember giving three statements, yes sir.

Prosecutor: And isn’t it true that when you gave some of those statements when you were confronted about your inconsistencies, you started saying “I don’t remember?”

Defense: Outside the scope of direct examination. I would object, your honor.

Judge: Give a little bit of leeway. Not a whole lot, but a little bit.

Prosecutor: Isn’t it true that when you were questioned about the contradictions in your statements, that the police didn’t believe you, you would say “I don’t remember.”

Judge: Gonna grant the motion at this time.

Defense: Thank you, your honor.

At this point in the exchange BDLR directly asks George if he has changed his story

Prosecutor: would you agree that you changed your story as it went along?

Zimmerman: Absolutely not.

After Zimmerman answers Bernie moves right along to the next line of questioning never once challenging George's stance that he has NOT changed his story.

Prosecutor: OK. Sir, you had a phone at some point and you agreed to turn over that to the police so they could make a copy of what was in there, right?

Zimmerman: Yes, sir.

Prosecutor: And in that phone did you receive or send text messages, sir?

Zimmerman: Yes, sir.

This exchange while George was on the stand and directly asked under oath if he has ever changed his story effectively REFUTES the Trayvonette claim that George has various stories or inconsistencies. The proof lies in the fact that when George answered "NO!", Bernie does not challenge Mr Zimmerman at all but instead moved on to another line of questioning. We all know from the example of Shellie Zimmerman that if George had in fact perjured himself Bernie would have leaped at this golden opportunity. YET ANOTHER TRAYVONETTE FANTASY DESTROYED !!!

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