Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mark O'Mara Announces George Zimmerman Will Not Plead Out

    At the September Gun Rights Policy Conference where Mark O'Mara was a guest speaker, one thing was made perfectly clear. George Zimmerman will NOT be pleading out. George Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara who is adamant that, given the preponderance of evidence in his client’s favor, they’re not looking for a deal to avoid going to trial. In his estimation, the broken nose Zimmerman suffered at the hands of Trayvon Martin (moreso than the cuts on the back of his head) is proof positive the altercation was started by the Skittles-scarfing yoot, and that GZ acted in self defense. O’Mara also let slip that, in order to try to catch Zimmerman in a lie, the Sanford police told him they had a surveillance video of the whole thing. Only they don’t. And Zimmerman stuck to his story.

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