Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jose Baez Joins Zimmerman Case Filing Papers That Bernie Misrepresented Facts Of Casey Anthony Case

    Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's defense attorney, this week wrote a short snippy letter to the judge in the George Zimmerman case, accusing prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda of getting his facts wrong in court Friday when he said Baez had been held in contempt of court during the Anthony trial.

Baez was fined for failing to turn over evidence, he wrote, but was never found in contempt. And the fine had nothing to do with Baez's comments to the media, something de la Rionda suggested as he tried but failed to convince Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson to impose a gag order in the Zimmerman case.

"I am certain that Mr. De la Rionda was more careful with his other argument, however, I will ask him personally to please verify his facts in the future before recklessly attempting to tarnish any other members of the Central Florida legal community," Baez wrote in his letter to Nelson.

(click link to see Judge Nelson's receipt of the filing)

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