Friday, November 2, 2012

Robert Zimmerman Jr Speaks To National Association Of Hispanic Journalists

   The meeting was hosted by the Orlando chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Thursday morning.

During the meeting, Zimmerman Jr. said now is the time to speak out in person and defend his brother and his family, saying “I know that we’re not racists.”

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At the end of the meeting, Robert Zimmerman Jr. spoke one on one with us.“Being related to George and having something to say about not just this case but the implications it’s had for my family. Like I said, I’ve had to maintain somewhat of an internet or a social media presence and for now that’s twitter but in the future it could be something else,” said George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr.

Zimmerman Jr. told journalists his siblings are Hispanic. He said they were raised by a Peruvian mother and a white father. Zimmerman Jr. said their mother raised them to love and embrace their Hispanic heritage. He said she worked in the court system for 28 years, teaching her children to respect authority and respect the law. “My mom has had the opportunity to see George. She’s his mother but George has to stay away from a situation where he could be conversing, talking to a potential witness for the state or any of the witnesses that exist now,” Robert Zimmerman Jr. explained.

George Zimmerman is out on bond and currently awaiting trial, charged with second-degree murder.
Since George Zimmerman was arrested, his brother said their family is missing taking a trip to their mother’s home country of Peru.“I stay in contact with my brother. My parents stay in contact with my brother. George stays in contact with his family. We don’t talk about our movements. Specifically, who gets to see who, were,” Zimmerman Jr. added, as he would not go into further details about his contact with George Zimmerman.

George’s brother said their family has received threats by email, voicemail and even notes at their front door. He also said using the word “murderer” to describe George Zimmerman is wrong, because he believes his brother killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

Meanwhile, he told News 13 he has nothing but the greatest respect for George Zimmerman’s Attorney Mark O’Mara. “Mark has been very ethical first and foremost on how he’s handled this case. He had a situation presented to him I think unlike any other that any other defense attorney had presented to them,” Zimmerman Jr. answered. “There was definitely racial inflection, some racial vitriol and racial overtones to the case when it landed in his lap. So in fairness to Mark, he’s had a lot to deal with. He’s done it very ethically. He’s helped us out informally along the way, when he could. When it was ethical to do so, and I have nothing but the greatest respect for Mark,” Zimmerman Jr. continued.

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