Friday, November 9, 2012

A Profile of Traytard Insanity: Eric Jordan - Garrett

    By now most of George Zimmerman's supporters are familiar with serial spammer and bottomless fountain of hate Eric Jordan-Garrett. Today I thought I would bring you a "Greatest Hits Collection" of Eric's most ignorant and hate fueled moments.

In this sample, butthurt moron Eric asks that Shellie Zimmerman's nursing license is revoked. Unfortunately for Eric, Shellie is still a student and not yet licensed.


In this sample, butthurt moron Eric asks Angela Corey's office to Fire Mark O'Mara as George's defense attorney.

 In this sample, butthurt moron Eric asks Angela Corey's office to overrule the Fifth District Court Of Appeals and re-instate Judge Lester.

   In this next sample of Eric's foolishness and deep seated racism, the butthurt moron is petitioning for a reduction in Olivia Moody's sentencing but idiot Eric intentionally leaves out several important pieces of information. 1. Moody's victim was shot in the back 2. Moody's victim was traying to run away when she was shot in the back and 3. Moody was offered a plea bargain that included no prison time whatsoever which Moody rejected outright thinking she could beat the charges by claiming self defense (not sure how shooting someone in the back who is running away is self defense). In the meantime this delusional retard Eric is screaming for a 60 year sentence for Mr Zimmerman who was in fact savagely attacked by Trayvon Martin and this is independently confirmed by multiple eyewitnesses, three paramedics, multiple law enforcement officers, and a physicians assistant.

The irony is rich in this sample of butthurt moron Eric's foolishness because it was rabid uninformed idiots like him who helped drive Robert and Gladys from their home yet Eric thinks he has the right to the demand that they stop asking for help with their increased living expenses that idiots like Eric helped incurr.

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